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The Sterile Mule

Discussion by: ostart on Fri, 2012-05-04 15:15 with 0 comments

One of the most interesting things I've learned in high school was in my honors biology class. We were studying reproduction and the topic of hybrid species. Mules are an offspring of a horse and donkey. They are mostly used for trail riding and pulling carts. These rather ugly creatures can't reproduce. Many things in biology interested me but this unit was really appealing.

Disney's Earth Day

Discussion by: ostart on Fri, 2012-04-20 16:10 with 0 comments

Every year on Earth Day, Disney releases a nature film. Past years have included stories about life in Antarctica, following the lives of polar bears. Or films about the desert and animals that survive in wild. This year the movie is about chimpanzees. The orphan chimp, Oscar has been taken care of by Isha. Environmental issues are brought up, and this is a great learning movie. I hope many people support the cause and see the primer on Earth Day, April 22!

Reducing the Chance to Cheat

Discussion by: ostart on Tue, 2012-03-27 16:08 with 0 comments

A requirement to applying to most colleges, junior and senior students have to take either the ACT or SAT exam. This standardized test helps colleges get a better assessment on the students knowledge and can help the accepting or denying decision process. Unfortunatly, there will always be kids that find a way to cheat the system. Most recently, a group student in Long Island are suspected of doing just that. This has lead to a reevaluation of the security that students have to go through to take the tests.

The Hunger Games Obsession

Discussion by: ostart on Sun, 2012-03-18 12:30 with 6 comments

This addiction to fiction started with Harry Potter. Then there was a frenzie over the Lord of the Rings and Twilight trilogies. Now, everyone is on to The Hunger Games. Each plot has the similar two elements of fighting and romance. So why, when we've seen it before, is everyone going crazy once again? There have been over 26million copies of The Hunger Games sold. Add eager preview fans to the faithful readers, the number of people excited for the March 23 primere are immense. Maybe the more extreme plot is what draws fans in.

The Power of Forgiveness

Discussion by: ostart on Sun, 2012-03-18 12:03 with 0 comments

In one of my classes this week, we had a guest speaker. This man wasn't much older than us in the classroom, he was about 24. Unfortunately a tragic event he was involved in led to him to sharing his story with us. He was guilty of killing a man in a drunk driving accident. He talked about the message and lessons we should learn from his mistake, don't drink and drive, don't text and drive. It just isn't worth it.

Interest in the Ocean and Deep Sea

Discussion by: ostart on Sun, 2012-03-11 22:01 with 0 comments

Because I live in a land locked area I’m not used to the ocean and my knowledge of it is very sparse. The times I’ve been to the ocean, this massive body of water has just seemed like an addition to the beach scenery. I know that there is so much life beyond the surface and think it would be interesting to find out more information on this topic. Also, I think its incredible that there are organisms that survive at such great depths, in such harsh environments.

Travel to the Deep Sea

Discussion by: ostart on Sun, 2012-03-04 20:01 with 2 comments

This is part of my research paper I've written on deep sea life.


Discussion by: ostart on Sun, 2012-02-26 23:39 with 4 comments

I've been researching deep sea life. Organisms close to the ocean floor live in a very dark area, sunlight cut off hundreds of meeters above where they are located. Some organisms can generate enough energy to create thier own flashes of light, this is called bioluminescence. This is the biggest lightsource that is ever seen at those depths.

A Trip to the Grand Teton

Discussion by: ostart on Sun, 2012-02-12 17:42 with 0 comments

This week I ventured into a different kind of school. After a long bus ride along with twenty-five other students, I arrived along the Teton Mountains in Kelly, Wyoming. Teton Science School gave us the oppertunity to cross country ski and snow shoe, with the view of the Tetons in the background, while learning about outside topics. We studied trees, snow, fires, ice crystals, skat, Yellowstone, just a few to say the least. When we first arrived we were sripped of technology, we had to turn in our iPods and cell phones for the week.

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