Adding a quotation to a discussion or comment

Sep 5, 2011

One: I'm learning more about <my keyword> right now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is: <Pose  question.> I was researching this question online, and this <blog post / news item / magazine article / podcast / video> caught my attention because... <Explain what exactly why you chose this item to read. Was it the title? Something you saw in the summary? Or whar? How did this specific source spark your interest?>

<A sentence or two or perhaps a paragraph from the source should appear here. Copy and paste the text here>

<Citation: Author, (year). Title. Source, pages or URL> <Or use>

TWO: The quote I chose here is basically saying <paraphrase the quote, putting it into your own words. Be sure your re-statement is clear, complete, and cogent.>

THREE: I think this is <strong, descriptive adjective> because... It makes me wonder... <Finish this sentence, then freewrite for 5 minutes about any new thoughts you may be having about your inquiry question>




Use this guide to write a brief post to bookmark something you've found online for use in a more developed essay


to write a comment in which you are recommeding a source for another student.

This guide asks you to identify your inquiry project and how this quotation pushes your thinking. After inserting a chunk of text from your source, you are asked to paraphrase the quote, then write more about the signifigance of this in your own inquiry.