Remix Poe's "The Raven"

Dec 31, 1969
Image for issue at Youth Voices

Will you: 

Rewrite Edgar Allan Poe's poem for a modern audience or write an essay that illuminates the mythological references in the poem.

Step One: Update "The Raven"

Code-switch the first 5 stanzas of "The Raven" into modern English/slang? Post your code-switched stanzas on Youth Voices.

Step Two: Make "The Raven" Into an Ad

Decide what the narrator's main problem is and create an advertisement for a product or service that will help him? Use computer graphics or art to create your ad. Take a picture and post on Youth Voices, with a 4-5 sentence artist's statement explaining your ad.

Step Three: Research Mythological References in "The Raven"

Research at least 5 mythological references in "The Raven" and explain their significance in Poe's poem? Quote the lines with the reference, explain the myth behind the reference, and cite your source for the information. Post on Youth Voices.

Step Four: Annotate "The Raven" on Lit Genius

Add lines from step one, pictures from step two, and references from step three to Lit Genius.

"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe