Raymond's Run

Aug 27, 2015
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Write about Squeaky, a dynamic character in "Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara. First, find several details that make Squeaky who she is and map the plot, then determine how the plot affects how we understand the Squeaky's character. While reading, stop after the first three paragraphs to describe what makes Squeaky who she is. Later, make predictions about the text, and when you have finished reading, create a plot map. Then write a Literature Response for Youth Voices in which you determine the relationship between the plot and the way Squeaky is described in the story. Finally, comment on other students' posts about "Raymond's Run."

Step One of Six: Characterize Squeaky

Read the first three paragraphs of "Raymond's Run" by Toni Cade Bambara on Lit Genius. (See below.) Then create a characterization chart. For the chart, you must find at least four pieces of evidence in the text that led you to draw a conclusion about who Squeaky is. Log in at Genius and highlight a word or two from your evidence sentences, and add your conclusions as annotations on Genius.

Step Two of Six: Make a Prediction

Continue reading almost to the end of story, up until the final three paragraphs. After you finish the paragraph that ends with "I was going to yell at him but then I didn’t. It burns up your energy to holler," stop. Now, in a Google Doc, make a prediction about what you think will happen in the last three paragraphs of the story. Your prediction should be one paragraph or about a 10-minute freewrite long, and should answer the following questions: What do you think will happen next? What do you think will be the climax of the story? Who do you think will win the race? What will happen to Squeaky, Raymond, and Gretchen?

Step Three of Six: Create a Plot Map

Read the final three paragraphs of "Raymond's Run." After you finish reading, create a plot map. On this plot map, make sure that you describe at least five events that occur in the story, including the ones that you believe are most important. Create your own version of the drawing below, and replace the words in the green boxes with descriptions of events from the story. When you do Step Four, you will download this image as a JPEG, then add it to your discussion post on Youth Voices.

Find Steps Four, Five, and Six below the story.

Raymond's Run (English) on Lit Genius

Raza de Raymond (En Español) on Lit Genius

Step Four of Six: Write about Squeaky on Youth Voices

Select one of the following Literature Guides to write about Squeaky or the Plot of the Story. Compose on a Google Doc, get responses from other students and revise Then post your essay on Youth Voices with your Plot Map JPEG.
(1) Plot Analysis
(2) Character Archetypes

Step Five of Six: Have conversations by posting comments and replies.

Comment on other students' "Raymond's Run" discussion posts (literary essays) using the Commenting Guides: Agree/Disagree Response or General Discussion Response.

Step Six of Six: Do some research on Toni Cade Bambara’s life by annotating the article copied below with Hypothes.is. Then post new comments and replies on discussions about "Raymond's Run"

While reading this article in The Students Encyclopedia of Great American Writers "Toni Cade Bambara," pause frequently and annotate with Hypothes.is about what you are learning about the author and how his background influences his writing. Write about your annotations, using either Adding a quotation... or Quoting a speech.... Use these notes to add new comments on other students' "Raymond's Run" discussion posts (literary essays) using the Commenting Guide: Quoting a Source in a Comment.