Make a Slide Show with Creative Commons Images

Sep 6, 2015
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Will you: 

Make a short slide show with Creative Commons images that express different perspectives on your topic. Embed this in an essay.

Step One of Four: Why use Creative Commons?

1a. Watch and annotate this video on NowComment:

1b. Read and annotate this wiki page with Photography (Creative Commons)

Step Two of Four: Make a CC Slide Show

  1. Go to
  2. Enter a keyword to describe your inquiry question or topic.
  3. Unclick both boxes 
    • use for commercial purposes 
    • modify, adapt, or build upon
  4. Search using:
    • Google Images
    • Flickr
  5. See which of these two services gives you the most thought-provoking, interesting images. Take your time to find images that help you to learn something new about your question or to see it in a new way.
  6. Copy the URL addresses for four images and add them to four different slides to upload them into a Google Slides presentation.
  7. Insert the URL for each image, and add this URL address for where this image comes from to the Notes at the bottom. Also cite the photographer and title if available.
  8. Add a short paragraph to each image, explaining its signifigance in relation to your inquiry or question. Describe the image and say what it makes you think about your question. Treat each image as a work of art and use the guide Beginning / Middle / End
  9. Under the Share button, add your teacher and a few peers to your Slides, and under "Advanced" turn on: "Public on the web...".
  10. Also under File, go to Publish to the Web... and click the Publish button.

Step Three of Four: Write about your question with your Slide Show in mind.

3a. Copy the writing you did for each of the images in Step Two (above) into a Google Doc, then revise this writing into a more coherent, reflective essay about what you are thinking about your question now that you have completed this Slide Show.

3b. Get the embed code for your Slide Show (under Publish to the web...) and paste it with your writing into a Youth Voices document.

Step Four of Four: Have conversations by posting comments and replies.

Comment on other students' discussion posts that include Slide Shows using the Commenting Guides: Agree/Disagree Response or General Discussion Response.

Work you will have: 

  1. Links to 3-5 annotations on NowComment about a "Creative Commons Licenses" video, answering: "Why use Creative Commons?"
  2. Links to 5-10 annotations on Creative Commons' wiki page about Photography (
  3. A link to your Youth Voices post that includes an embedded Slide Show and an open, speculative essay about your question.
  4. Links to comments and replies you written to other students' about their discussion posts that include Slide Shows using the Commenting Guides: Agree/Disagree Response or General Discussion Response