Speculating on an Inquiry

Apr 21, 2014

<Pose a question.>? People usually say that <Finish this phrase with the standard answer(s) that most people give for your question.>, but <Speculate (consider or think curiously about; suppose, propose, or wonder) about how this standard answer might not be correct, complete, clear, or helpful.>? Does this mean that <State something else that seems to be true -- and in opposition to the standard answer -- if your speculation is correct.>?

When <Keyword for this inquiry> is <Finish this phrase with a specific way your topic/keyword is seen in the world.>, <Finish this sentence with a question that challenges the standard answer given above.>? <Elaborate on this last question by making a statement about why your challenge to the standard way of seeing things is probably correct.><Write a sentence saying what the standard answer might say back to your challenge.> This makes me think that <Finish this sentence by saying something further about your inquiry/keyword/topic.>

<Pose another question, different, but related to the first one -- a question that makes sense now, after your speculations in the second paragraph.> <Keyword for the inquiry> is <Make a bold, clear answer to the question in this paragraph.> From this, I also believe that <Finish this sentence by going further into your own ideas about this topic, and make sure to say why this is important.>