Sep 8, 2015
Irisz Agocs

Will you: 

Your mission create a story using Storybird. This site has lots of art to choose from to create your story book. Teachers can sign on and add students. Each student will be able to create a personal account. If you have any questions, please comment at the bottom of the mission or email Margaret Simon at

Using Storybird, find pictures that inspire a story to start.  Follow your intuition and create an original story.

Create a Storybird book. Then post your book as a discussion on Youth Voices

  • Click on embed and copy the html text or choose "Full HTML, no text editor" under Formatiing options.
  • Paste this text into the description window of your post.

Good luck and have fun!

Add the Keyword:  "storybird" to your keywords so that others can find your book easily.

Comment on other Storybird books, which you can find here.