Screencast: How to create an account on Youthvoices by joining Students 2.0

Submitted by 12bhattim on Tue, 2009-10-20 15:35

In order to see this screencast, click on the following link.

Many students want to join youthvoices but cannot becuase in the process of creating an account, they have to join a youthvoices group but cannot becuase they do not have a group to join. I made this screencast in Technology class, so that students who cannot join youthvoices are able to create an account by joining the students 2.0 group. This screecnast teaches them how to send a request and then create an account while becoming members of the students 2.0 group. I hope this will help you join this group!

This is the Design Specification from which my screencast was developed. If I suceeded in doing so, then my screencast should fulfill the reason, requirement and constrants in the screencast. 

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