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Submitted by shumala on Fri, 2009-09-18 13:14

 yeah, look HERE.

hey. here's the extended one. now quit the whining.

yes, again, i'm Sandy. but only my friends call me Mikoto or Ruzen.

i can not tell you my life's story, so , AGAIN, don't bother asking.

my likes and dislikes, no one cares.

my strengths and weaknesses? it isn't necessary. why should i tell you? i'm the manipulator here.

dreams-to draw. what else.

anyone is welcome to be my friend, if they can put up with me.


like my art? look it up. my art is everywhere....(hey, no porno!)

i do not critisize anyone. i'm not that mean.

favorite foods? whatever no, and 'shit' dosen't count

favourite colours are purple (dark) and black.

-other fun (wut?) facts-

i read manga and watch anime.  so no teasing.

i am a fangirl and have, yes, a Mary Sue.

i hate Wapanese people (people who act girlish, and go around saying things like "OMG Kawaii desu!" OR  "that is SO KAWAII!!!" thinking they know Japanese.

i draw in an Manga-style way. don't care? oh, well.

*sigh* i am a nice person, once you get to know me

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