Fed Cup Quotes

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The Views Of Me

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I am from the courts outside.
I am from the yellow-green balls
flying over the courts.
I am from the rackets swinging wildly in the air.
I am from the heat floating over the pot.
I am from the things that make u feel better
and the timer that watches my run.
I am form the bed that keeps me warm
and the blanket that covers me well.

Wikipidia Resources

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Recreation or fun is the expenditure of time in a manner designed for therapeutic refreshment of one's body and mind
there are many ways of fun and lesuire time and people all have different ideas and choices on ways of having fun and spending time.


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My name is Kortney, I usually go by that, other names I go by is... Kort, Peekaboo, and Agent K, but that's a long story..

Why do people have certain ways to have fun?

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We are interested in why people fiind different things to enjoy. For example some people like to play tennis and others like to play computer games. There are a ton of computer lovers and tennis lovers in the world, and we will find information for each group that is useful and revealing.


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First Name:  Ognila

 I am a very shy person and I really don't like talking about...well anything. I also don't like book talks. I think that you could probably say that my favorite color is black. I like pizza and chocolate and ice cream and more food that have sugary and sour candies. If I have to many of them then I naturally become way to hyper and more energetic. I like watching t.v. better than reading book even though my parents always tell me to read and stop watching t.v.. I do what they tell me but I just don't like doing this. Even though I am a very shy person, if I like talking about something I do talk about it, but when I am not so interested I don't really take at part in that. I do have a little sister named Ongkona, who is the same size as me and is almost like me but just a little bit different looking. It's almost like having a little twin sister.I like to travel to places with my family. There are many places that we have visited to but I can't name them all because there are way too many.

what i am feeling right now for the political campaign

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ATP Tennis Race

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The season ending tournament in Shanghai is with the top eight tennis players, the top 5 have already qualified with Andy Roddick taking the fifth spot.  The race is determined by the amount of points gathered throughout the year based on tournaments played.  For example winning the Miami tournament Raphael Nadal got 500 points, winning a major such as Wimbledon (which also put him at


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First Name:  Bernice

Hi!  My name is Bernice. I love to play tennis and go swimm


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First Name:  Nicole

Hello my name Nicole and I attend Eleanor Roosevelt high school. If i were a superhero i would be super man because he's super duh.

Great Achievements In Tennis

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First Name:  Christian

Hey there again this Christian and welcome back to my full biography. Well if you guys want to know more about me then i will tell you a few things. I love making people laugh, and i like the outcome of seeing people laugh and have a good time. I'm a music fan so you guys can check out my music in my profile of course.


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First Name:  Michelle
My name is Michelle, 17 years old currently attending East West in Flushing, New York. I was born in China/Fuzhou, then moved to New York in 2001. There nothing much to say about myself, but one I know of is I'm very lazy. I love watching drama, chatting and just hang around. I really hate being control in relationships as like with family, friends or what so ever. I like to do whatever I want and being on my own. I'm trying to learn how to be independent as of right now because I don't want to relay on my parents anymore. I want to prove that I'm not a little girl anymore I have my own way of thinking. One more thing about me is that I love to travel and experiencing new things and cultures. As of right now I have only been to Japan, U.S and China. since I was born in China and lives in NY right now. so I guess those two don't really count.


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My name is justin mo and im a chinese guy that often plays tennis*usually everyday* and im still trying to improve myself from my bad habits and my lazy attitude

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