Cell Phones as education tool for students

Submitted by salamence975 on Thu, 2015-10-22 17:17

Dear Youth Voices Community,

My name is Gabriel McRea, and I am a senior in the Media Academy,

Do Cell phones Distract you?

Submitted by jessicaotanez549 on Wed, 2014-02-26 16:53


In Robert Earl essay, "Do Cell Phones Belong in the Classroom?," from http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2012/05/do-cell-phones-belon... by Robert Earl. The main idea of the text is teachers being able to pay more attention to students in the classroom.

Video games good or bad?

Submitted by Telar on Wed, 2013-01-09 16:08

distractionsI believe that most students shouldn't play video games with out studying first. That's the main reason why kids fail most of their test and don't get a passing grade. I was once in this situation where I stayed up all night and didn't get any sleep because I was playing a new game that came out later on. I hear kids talking about call of duty or some game that's not going to benefit them in life.

Karina discusses reading with Paul

Submitted by karinas on Wed, 2012-11-28 14:59
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If the book is not that interesting, I don't like to read it!

Texting is A Good Distraction

Submitted by JamieH on Wed, 2012-11-21 12:36

I think texting is a good thing. If we didn't have texting I would not be able to text and call my friends and family things that I need to when I am not with them. Most days I send about 150 texts and 10 calls on a usual day, sometimes more.

Generation of Multitaskers?

Submitted by d.gaztambide on Wed, 2012-02-01 17:41

With media and technology increasingly becoming a part of our everyday lives, the youth of America have began to show characteristics of chronic multitaskers. After reading the short NY Times article below I began to look at my own life and how technology directly affects me. Even though I never notice the effects while they are directly affecting me, as I look back at a day in my life I realize that technology dominates it.


Submitted by MarieDeininger on Thu, 2012-01-12 02:44

Procrastination, who doesn't do it? Before starting this discussion I spent 10 minutes on YouTube watching Tosh.O. A more important question is why we do it.

On the night before a test most of us don't start studying until late in the night even though we know we should start early so we can get a good night sleep. Theories surrounding the issue range fro just not wanting to do it to actually being afraid of what you know you have to do.

Are you studying, or just on Facebook...again?

Submitted by Gallifrey on Thu, 2012-01-12 01:52

Finals are quite the big deal, they are what they sound like, final chance to see how much you learned in one semester. Many people have been studying for their finals but some get sidetracked. Without names, there have been comments on Facebook, with people saying that they should be studying instead of sitting on Facebook, but that doesn't work a bit. There have been some comments of people having studied a tad, but then they got dragged into Facebook.

It’s my responsibility to achieve my dream

Submitted by debral on Wed, 2011-09-28 13:36

What’s my goal for this school Year? For this school year, my goals to accomplish, will be to pass all my quiz and test. Do all my homework and always stay focus in class and don’t get distracted by other students. I believe in myself that I will pass all my classes.

So far since I started school, I've been doing well, coming to class on time, passing my test and I handed in every assignment and homework. I’m planning on getting all my work done, because I passed all my regents and hopefully I can graduate by March, and start college in October.

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