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Submitted by bfall on Mon, 2009-09-21 10:21
First Name:  Binetou





Who I am ?


You can see the sky and the earth, but my name is what they made off. My name came from a special place do I really love and care. My name is Binetou Fall.

The word Binetou came from my grand-ma, but it really came from the Arabic people, name after the daughter of the prophet Mohamed, do mean daughter. Her name was Fatimata Binetou.



My last Fall is really special it came from the Cayor at Senegal. The Cayor was a Empire who was free from the Djolof. The Fall’s make a defense army and attack the King of Djolof. And they won the war and they get Independent forever. That’s where the surname came from.

My home is a special place, do people call home, but for me is place do I keep my childhood pictures my heart. When you just step in, you see the couch do my grand-ma told me stories about her. When you turn you see the window open the fresh air blow you see the red and pink roses blooming to the light of the sun.

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