one time

what i think and what you think about justin bieber

Everyknows about the canned food drive that TYWLS is having for Justin Bieber. Recently Justin Biebers new album just came out called "My World" and we all know that the song that most of us girls love "One Time" will soon be on the #1 hit single.

Now if you are reading this at the end please comment on what you think about Justin Bieber and if you want him to comr to this school.

I love Justin and his music but it didnt seem to me as if he was 15 years old and that he was a boy at the begining but once you search his name you would find out more about it. I dont know but ahve you watvhed True Jackson VP last saturday when you should have seen justin bieber. Well this is what i think h eseems to be getting even bigger because he is apearing on so many things like shows news channels etc. Seems like Justin Bieber will soon be a big star well he kinda already is.


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