Vain Was Here a Long Time Ago

Submitted by JohnSargeant on Sun, 2009-12-06 22:56

This week the Narrcissism Epidemic was mentioned in my history class, mostly stating that my generation was the most vain, self-centered one to appear, and on some levels i can see how people would think this but i don't think its anything new. Peoples vainity has in olden times been held in check for a large number of people by lack of personal freedom as well as the firm presence of religion and belief in a God(s) that created all, and therefore you were subservient to. But todays culture has moved away (at least in part) from some of these dictums. Though America does still have firmly held religous beliefs that permeate throughout modern day culture western Euope has become largely secular, and in some ways America is a litlle less religous than before, however it is or atleast believes itself to be a beacon of personal freedom, and i think the incouragement of this principle has in part led to what some would call the narcissism epidemic. Also the modern days ability to broadcast yourself through mechanisms such a Facebook or Twitter have only aided this image.



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