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The Benefits of Free Health Care in America

Submitted by safah on Tue, 2016-06-07 12:45

Imagine a world without the stress of medical bills and its debt. America should have free healthcare because doctors are taking advantage of their power when scheduling random, unnecessary scannings, people with major illnesses cannot pay for their sickness when they have no control of it, and we have proof of effective systems in nations such as Canada.

Health Care Issues in The Presidential Primary

Submitted by 18rashkindc on Tue, 2016-03-29 10:35
Trump vs. Obama

ObamaCare’s goal is to give more Americans access to affordable, quality health insurance and to reduce the growth in U.S. health care spending. The members of both the Republican party and the Democratic party have their own certain views on the ACA (Obamacare), and discuss if they would go ahead with it in 2016 if they got elected for President, or try to replace it.

Bernie Sander's Healthcare Policy

Submitted by 18tarannumt on Tue, 2016-03-29 01:08

The Affordable Care Act or Obamacare is a healthcare plan offered in the United State. It is often criticized by the Republican party, especially those who are running to become the next

Ted Cruz's Healthcare Policy

Submitted by 18ChenAM on Mon, 2016-03-28 23:54

**Side note: I personally do not like Ted Cruz all that much, but I thought that his Health Care Plan was interesting, and therefore decided to write about it.**

The most memorable thing about Ted Cruz’s Healthcare Plan would probably be his strong belief in the abolition of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). However, although repealing Obamacare is one of Ted Cruz’s strongest arguments, he has a few other plans for our country’s future Health Care Policy.

Health Care Issues in the Presidential Primary

Submitted by 18moralesb on Mon, 2016-03-28 06:15

Health Care Issues in the Presidential Primary

Utah Medicaid

Submitted by Mar I Sol on Fri, 2016-01-29 17:41

What is Medicaid? According to an official government website, “Medicaid programs designed to provide health coverage for low-income people.” (Program History) It was authorized by Title XIX of the Social Security Act, Medicaid was signed into law in 1965, by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

The Need for Universal Health Care

Submitted by Ramyahmed on Fri, 2016-01-29 16:04

My political issue not only affects me, but affects every American across the nation. This political issue is the topic of Universal health care. Health care is something necessary and basic when it comes to human life. People should not be denied treatment or medication based on their insurance or level of income. Also many undocumented immigrants defer treatment, due to the fact that they cannot obtain insurance, so medical costs would be too expensive. Health care should be a public service such as water, education, and public security.

America's Inflated Health Care Prices

Submitted by henrypotter on Mon, 2015-11-09 15:04

I was on Facebook the other day and I stumbled across a post that caught my attention. It was about US healthcare vs European healthcare, in this instance it was Spain. In the post it said that it would cost more to get hip surgery in America than it would to be to move to spain for 2 years, run with the bulls, break your hip, then get the exact same operation to repair it. How is this possible? If it really is this cheap why aren’t Americans getting all their hips replaced in Europe? After all, if it’s so much cheaper and you get to go on a sweet vacation there seems to be no reason not to.

The Physical and Mental Effects of Poverty on Children

Submitted by Miss.greisy.h510 on Wed, 2015-10-21 14:29

Dear Youth Voices Community,

Hello, I am a senior at Fremont High School, I was born in Mexico City and something that inspires me to continue studies is that is that I want to become a psychologist. I love music, and I am a person that never gives up.

Research Topic

Submitted by ragoodman on Fri, 2014-03-14 13:38

My first choice for a research topic is cyberbullying, it matters to me on a personally because I see it a lot and I see people suffering from getting cyber bullied and it makes me feel for them at a high level. In Oakland specifically, I don’t think it’s big problem because compared to other areas, it only happens mildly. I hope that I learn why people choose to cyber bully people, If I find a good solution to end cyber bullying, I will take action to try to stop it over all or decrease it at least a little.

Research topics and interests

Submitted by bco on Thu, 2014-03-13 14:35

The first topic for my research project is social pressure. I chose this topic because now a days more and more youth are being pressured to do things out of their comfort zone. Those kids just want to fit in with the “group”. Kids are going to follow the wrong crowd and are going to do things that will affect them later on in life. Why are youths so easily pressured? What is stopping the youth from denying it? It will better society because it will lower the dropout rate at school if more youth decided to choose the right way, they would have more job opportunities.

The Obamacare Controversy

Submitted by ANN3H0LT on Fri, 2013-09-20 18:05

Many people firmly support the idea of nationalized health care, but others vehemently oppose it. What is the reasoning behind each side of the argument?

Crucial points on schizophrenia

Submitted by s_masud on Thu, 2013-01-31 00:32

The most important thing people should realize about schizophrenia is that people that suffer from this disease can live just as normally as you and me. There are still many questions that surround the cause and treatment of schizophrenia, but the main reason there is such a huge stigma surrounding it is simply because of our ignorance and failure to educate ourselves.

Health Care Opinions

Submitted by lm26855 on Thu, 2013-01-17 16:39

In Katrina vanden Heuvel's opinion piece, "The Troubling State of America's Health," from the Washington Post, she argues that the government should not be focused on things such as fixing debt, but try to make our health care system better, and our life spans longer. She also argues that compared to other industrial countries, we are far behind in health.

What's up with Obamacare?

Submitted by katiehance on Thu, 2013-01-17 16:38

John A. Sparks, Obamacare tax on medical devices hurts jobs and health, The Washington Times

The point of this article is saying that the Obamacare tax that has been put on medical devices to help pay for more people being added to the health care system is actually going to worsen the health care system, rather than benefit it. The companies that make these health care devices will have to cut down production and much needed jobs to pay for the taxes, thus causing the health care devices to become more expensive and possibly end all production of the medical devices.

Obamacare Continues

Submitted by celizabetht on Fri, 2012-11-09 12:25

With the reelection of President Obama, Obamacare is allowed to progress and continue on. Thanks to this, Medicare will become more accessible, and people with preexisting conditions will be able to get the proper care that they need without being drowned in medical expenses. Private health care companies will now be regulated so that the prices they try to charge don’t become absolutely outrageous.

Health Care Options

Submitted by celizabetht on Wed, 2012-10-24 21:06

Health care is one of the central issues in the current 2012 election. Some argue that healthcare is a basic human right while others believe it should come to those who can afford the proper care. In 2011, it was said that 17% of US citizens didn’t not have any health care coverage at all. The reason for this was, “the cost of coverage is a financial hardship.” This is a problem that should be addressed, the problem lies in if health care is a basic human right of privilege.

Politics for Tomorrow

Submitted by celizabetht on Sat, 2012-10-13 15:56

I am very involved in the presidential discussions. There are several issues that directly affect my life and will be impacted differently based on the outcome of the 2012 Presidential Election. The most important issue for me is health care. I believe in a system of making health care public like the Obamacare plan. I don’t think privatizing all health care will do anything for American people. Mitt Romney believes that if we privatize health care, competition will arise and it will bring prices down. I don’t believe this.

Blunt Amendment: For or Against?

Submitted by PaigeFery on Thu, 2012-03-01 17:49

Contraceptives have been the hot-topic in politics this past year, and with the newest piece of legislation waiting to to passed, women all across America may not be able to recieve insurance coverage for contraceptives. The Blunt Amendment allows insurance companies to deny conraceptives to any person based on his or her religious or political beliefs. There is only two harsh sides to this debate. Republicans argue that allowing employers to deny coverage for birth conrol is a constitutional and religious freedom right.

Health Care Survey

Submitted by Anne Henkels on Thu, 2012-02-23 21:35

If you're old enough to vote in the next election, pretty please take the following survey that I'm conducting for a research paper I'm writing. Thank you for your time!

Pro-Life Stance Should Include Living

Submitted by Isabelle on Sat, 2009-12-19 00:33

According to the Catholic bishops of the United States, the current health care system is in need of fundamental reform. USCCB

Making Health?

Submitted by slewis on Tue, 2009-03-24 11:35

Music therapy is harder than it looks. Not only does it include the playing of music, but it also can include creating and analyzing music in order to increase the health of an individual.

How can we increase health care for more people?

Submitted by JHuang2 on Sun, 2008-11-02 13:42

In these days, Presidential candidates have to focus and rely on the youth votes. Youth are the future.

Two Sides To Every Issue

Submitted by MNichols on Wed, 2008-10-01 23:01

A few of the issues that I am concerned with in the upcoming elections are: health care, immigration, and the war in Iraq. I wanted to research these issues because I think they are very relevant to what is happening in the world today.

A Big Role

Submitted by kmcminimee on Wed, 2008-10-01 15:07


   The upcoming election is a very important one. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, and need to be addressed soon. Two of the issues I think are most important at this time are health care and the environment.

Health care is a big issue facing the next president. For me, it's an issue that I think needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Obama and McCain seem to have a similar stance on the problem, both agree that health care should be available to everyone, but neither is suggesting a free national health care system.

The Issues of the Economy and Health Care in the Presidential Election

Submitted by sarahannen on Tue, 2008-09-30 18:45

Our world is going through many problems such as the economy dropping, immigration, health care, or abortion. Those things will definitely have a big change in the world in the near future.

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