Sexual Education

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Dear Future President,


Catholic Schools: Survey

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Success in College

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I have been researching if a college that a person attends affect the rest of their lives, ie, Ivy League vs. state schools. On the EBSCO website I found the article, ELITE COLLEGES DON'T GUARANTEE SUCCESS by Anne Kates Smith that addresses my topic.

Bye, Bye Catholic Schools

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As we all know, the economy is not doing so great. For this reason, people are taking out student loans to go to college/university. There are also less people willing to pay the tuition of going to a Catholic school. This means there are less enrollments each year. Some do not care about this and that is perfectly alright, but did you know that studies done by scholars at the University of Chicago, Northwestern, the Brookings Institution, and Harvard have come to the conclusion that Catholic schools, on average, do a better job of educating children, especially poor and minority students.

College Research

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I found these links during my research about college:

"Forget Harvard and Stanford. It Really Doesn't Matter Where You Go to College." Washington Post. The Washington Post. Web. 15 Mar. 2016.

elite college account for about 6% of college students in the U.S.
Children a pressured into going into the most competitive environment for college
Employers more interested in experience rather than the name of the school a person graduated from.

Bruni, Frank. Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be: An Antidote to the College Admissions Mania. Print.

Is education boring for a reason?

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What is the first thing you think of when someone says the word "school"? People usually say stress, grades, brain numb, maybe even stupid or boring, but consider the reason why students may say that, although they are told many times that education is a privilege. Does this mean that our schooling system in the United States may be too loose on pressuring our students into academic achievement?

Should school be made longer?

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students working at school

Their has been a long time debate on such a notorious question? Should we make school hours longer? Some people believe that having more hours of school could be to much pressure on a student, making them lose their focus and concentration after a certain period of time. Other people believe that having longer school days can help students get more work done, and help them catch up with the curriculum of other countries. After all, China has school hours from 7:30 A.M to 5:00 P.M, according to "Infoplease."

Testing Without Time Limits

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What would tests and exams be like if they weren't timed? It has been said that New York will not receive timed state tests this year. Is this a good change, or a bad change?

Should the Minimum Wage be Raised?

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minimum wage

As someone under the age of 20 who is currently considering getting a job, the minimum wage value matters to me because I will probably make minimum wage whenever I choose to enter the workforce. Both sides of the argument are completely valid opinions. People against raising the minimum wage say that it will only make retail prices go up in order to compensate for the extra expenses that companies will undergo.

The Cost of Education

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A political issue I care greatly about is the cost of college, especially as an incoming college student. While applying to schools and waiting for an answer is stressful, that stress doesn't wane once you've been admitted. In my short experience, once I had been accepted was when all of the really difficult matters came to hand. I was given a pamphlet that explained just how much I'd be paying annually, and what exactly for. Almost $10,000 dollars, resident’s tuition.

America's Education, or Lack Thereof

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While so much is going on in the political world right now, one issue I don’t think is being focused on enough is our education system. To face the facts, our education system is awful. Of forty ranked countries, the US ranks fourteenth in education (, and under half of US high school graduates are not enrolled in college ( And while the candidates all argue over issues like immigration and ISIS, there is still the huge problem with education.

Education in Prisons: Can it Reduce Crime?

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As students, we dislike going to school, having to sit in class and learn for six hours. We look forward to graduation, when we can finally escape what some of us jokingly refer to a "prison". The truth is that nobody can really escape education. People learn new things everyday. Education is inevitable. But who would've thought that you could still have the option of education behind the bars of an actual prison cell? Prisoners too can decide whether or not to learn.

Flaws in our educational system (Research Prospectus)

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Education is a highly valued resource in today’s modern society. It is considered necessary for success in the majority of careers. In order to ensure all students an equal shot at success and meeting high standards in their professional careers, our education system should receive top notch funding and be efficiently designed. Our public schools are not designed to fit needs of a variety of different students. Many different personality traits require different classroom classroom layouts, schedule designs and levels of instruction.

How Prison Education Can Benefit And Prepare Prisoners For Release Back Into Their Communities

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How Prison Education Can Benefit And Prepare Prisoners For Release Back Into Their Communities By: Chandler Rodefer November 6th, 2015

The Causes for the High Latini High School Dropout Rate

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Dear Youth Voices Community,

Hi, my name is Blanca Silva, I’m a senior at Fremont High in the Media Academy.

Does being bilingual make you smarter?

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Being fluent (i.e. speaking, reading, writing, and listening/understanding) in more than one language is not unheard of nowadays. I fit into that category. Since I was a little kid, I have wondered if my ability to switch between two languages (Spanish, my first language, and English) has any advantage. When you speak one of the two (or more) languages, all the languages you are proficient in activate in your brain.

Catholic Vs. Public

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In my research I found that most people choose private/Catholic schools because of behavioral problems. The University of Michigan stated students in private schools are more likely to complete homework due to the severity of discipline the school enforces. They take misbehavior seriously and try to address it immediately in order to correct it and prevent future incidents. They’ve found that cognitive learning rates are greater in private school as opposed to public. Catholic school students are in an environment that supports their ability to learn and process information.

Word is Power

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Language is a body of words and the systems for their use common to a people who are of the same community or nation, the same geographical area,or the same cultural tradition. It is a communication by voice in the distinctively human manner, using arbitrary sounds in convention always with conventional meanings. A part of language used word/s and it is important. Word is a single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing, used with others (or sometimes alone) to form a sentence and typically shown with a space on either side when written or printed.

Super Mario: Learning Eddition

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By: Rauk By: 20leea

Group Project: Platform Game


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Overall Idea:


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My Group Project:


My Individual Project:      


Back to Seventh Grade

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This is a screen shot of the group game. My individual Project.

This is my individual project




This is the final group project:



Become a Mathematician

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 Group Name: ScratchGameTeam

Sahawaii's Game Hub

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Dollar Scholar

Game Mechanics: Rules- This game is a side scroller game, so you are only allowed to move right, left, jump up, and come back down. Once you run into a wall and approach a question, you have a certain amount of time to answer or drag an answer from the word bank, or you lose one life. You get three lives. Gameplay- The sprite is able to move through the arrow keys. There is also a space bar shooter. The left and right keys are used to move left and right, while the up arrow key is used to jump. The down key is to come down if on a higher platform.

“A Talk to Teachers” Response: Schools and Change

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In James Baldwin’s “A Talk to Teachers,” Baldwins describes his views of society and education on his people, Black. In his writing, he points out the discrimination, and paradox of the way the school board work and the influence of society on the citizens and Negro children.

Baldwin criticizes the school for teaching students one thing, but expect them to do the other things. He writes:

Religion and Community

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I am Kulsuma Dulon. I am from Bangladesh that means I am born in Bangladesh. 2013 I came in America and I am so happy for that, but real thing is now I see America has harder life. America is dream full country but success the dream is really hard to do that. Is not a easy as I thought before. Now is important for me work hard to live in this country and I know I am a hard worker I will be to succeed. Is important for me to be educated in America. Without education I don’t know my right of this country.

Ayiti: The cost of life

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The results of my last game.

The results of my last game.

I played the game Ayiti: the cost of life four times, and each time I have learned something about life in a poor community.

Ayiti: The cost of life

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This game is very fun and teaches a lot about the necessities of life. It is very hard to beat therefore can get annoying. But everyone should at least try.

Ayiti: The Cost Of Life

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In tech class, we are learnning about how we can actually benifit and learn fron video games. This is one game called Ayiti, which teaches you about the cost of life. It's very hard to keep the family health, happy, and educated with a lack of money.

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