Ali's Pretty Little Lies

Submitted by Hannah M on Wed, 2014-12-10 10:52

The book Ali’s Pretty Little Lies, by Sara Shepard, is apart of the Pretty Little Liars series. In this book you get to experience how Alison DiLaurentis’ life was before she disappeared and then leading up right to who murdered her. Boys wanted to date her, some girls wanted to be just like her, but then somebody wanted her dead. Alison wasn’t the nicest girl. She was manipulative and if she wanted something there was nothing that could stop her from getting it. Many saw her as a threat and many just truly hated Ali because she could act like a bully most of the time.

Cyber Stalking

Submitted by akhan23 on Sun, 2010-03-14 23:29

 As I signed on to my Facebook profile to see what new and interesting things have been posted to my wall, I became distracted by a link that said, "'This person' has become a fan of 'this group.'" The group name made me laugh and the fact that that certain person had joined it made me laugh even harder so I decided to check it out. As I scrolled down looking at the group, I noticed that another one of my facebook friends was a member of the group. Realizing that I haven't talked to that person in a while, I clicked their picture and proceeded to their page. Coming to the realization that I was becoming increasingly less and less productive, I quickly signed off and moved on to my youthvoices post. What was I going to write about? Then it came to me. Cyberstalking. I had recently read an article about how the cyberstalking case laws were enforced. There really are not set laws except for in a few states. What really determines a case is whether or not the victim was ever made to feel in danger or threatened. I was interested in this new crime because facebook is such an easy site for people to stalk turns out that it's even easier than I thought.

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