The Story of Basketball, How passers help the team win?

Submitted by 14AzmainS on Tue, 2010-09-28 11:38

Pass to other players on a basketball team

   This chapter is about people that are best passers who are best playmakers as well. It is talking about it being useful if the person you pass it to can get it in a shooting area or position. The best pass to get a good shot you need to do the pass outlet which is in the mid court area. it talks about how you give the pass.

This chapter relates to an event because they talk about passes everyday in a Sports channel or on the Sports section of a newspaper or in sports news. They talk about what kind f pass was given to the other players.

  This chapter reminds me of videos that show the passes made in the game, they show repeats of the best passes and best shots in the news.  They show a lot of passes to who the ball was passed to and what kind of shot it was.

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