Submitted by mshah on Sat, 2010-10-30 21:41

At the moment i m thinking about this world that i m leaving in. so many people with so many minds and those minds so many ideas exists. i m thinking about religion. one of the most controversial problem in this small tiny world. there are so many religions with so many believes in it. there are religions that believes in one god, and there are others who believes in different god. the religion and believes are so complicated. i believe it what makes the world fight with each other.I've met people who hates other people just because of what they believes and practice. i was looking up an article about religion and beliefs and one of teacher of east-west school, and he came up to me and said that there was this article about religion where they had all the pious people of all the religions and they had a conference between pious people and those people who had no knowledge about any religions.

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