The Shock of Physical Primary Voting

Submitted by 18aronova on Mon, 2016-05-02 02:15

The New York primary was looked forward in my household. Excited after attending a Sanders rally out in Washington Square park, I had been sure of New York voter turnout and had convinced my father to vote for Bernie. At six thirty in the morning, we trudged out to our local elementary school and along with bicyclists and other restless poor souls, cast our ballot.

My Experience of Hurricane Sandy

Submitted by 17tsangc on Mon, 2012-11-05 15:04

I did not think Hurricane Sandy was a big deal. During the hurricane, I literally went outside to feel how windy it was. That was an exciting moment. If only it wasn't drizzling, it would have been the perfect day. Even after the hurricane has passed us, I didn't think it was really important, until I turned on the television and saw flooded areas, fires, and destroyed houses. I heard of people without electricity. I heard of gas shortage. I realized how destructive Hurricane Sandy really was. When I went outside, down the street were down trees.

Questioning the Police

Submitted by janida1223 on Fri, 2012-10-05 16:23

I read "Mother Of Man Killed In Police-Involved Shooting On GCP ‘Wants Justice’" on Yahoo news and was interested by this news story. A cop shot someone when the police pulled him over. The mother of the shot male is trying to fight for justice. The police was most likely wrong because the the male was unarmed and didn't deserve to die. A police shot Noel Polanco when he got pulled over for driving crazy in queens on Grand Central Highway and now the mother is fighting for justice. A detective, Noel, his mom, NYPD, and a district attorney are all involved.It took place in Queens.

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