Nicholas Sparkes


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I am very quite and a shy person. I like to draw when I want, but I am not an artist. I like to read but I prefer any genre, I prefer thrillers and 



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My name is Shehrina. I am from Bangladesh. I live in NYC.  I was born on September 9th. I go to East- West School of International Studies and I am a junior.

Then poem:

Name: Playful Butterfly

When she was a baby she hated sitting in one place too long. She would run around the house and talk to everyone. if she could she would play all day long. One minute she would be here the next minute she would be somewhere else. People thought of her as a butterfly because she couldn't stay in one place. If she could she would fly everywhere. And play all the time.   

Now poem:

Name: Laughing box

She laughs at everything, funny or not. People thinks something is wrong with her but she is just like this. She laughs at her problems like its some joke. She laughs at her dreams and hopes that they come true. She laughs at the people who makes fun of her and loves the people who care about her. She loves to see people laugh and hate sadness.  

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