The Significance Of A Summer Picture

Submitted by ElenaA on Thu, 2010-09-30 00:38

I chose this image because I believe it gives an exceptional feeling of summer. The water represents the ‘flow’ of the summer and the sun reflecting on the plants demonstrates life. Overall, the picture brings out the extravagant and bright colors of Rhodes. I also adore that the sun looks as if it is illuminating the whole picture, but in reality (if you look closely enough), you can see that the sun is obviously on the right side of the picture. Therefore, it is shining only on the ‘objects’ that are located towards the right. In the picture, there is also a variety of different types of trees. This allows the picture to look even more unique. So in the end, the picture stands out tremendously.  


The Flow

Submitted by bgizzle on Wed, 2008-11-12 15:54

    It is a natural human characteristic to be scared of change. Some handle it better than others, but everyone senses some sort of uneasiness when faced with change. My question is why. What is it about change and the unknown that has everyone so scared?

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