too many to name.


Submitted by hagar on Tue, 2010-10-12 12:23
my name is HAGAR  and i am new to tywls  of astoria today (10-12-10) is my first day.  i have transferrd from LONG ISLAND CITY HIGH SCHOOL and i am exited about   being in this new school. i am a muslim girl and i just turned 16 on october 1st - lol 12 days  ago- im very old. i like to make heat  of the moment jokes. some are funny and some arent.  you chioce to laugh. i have nothing else to say thnx for reading this. XD. :). ;P..................
OH, yea and i LOVEEEEE  EEEEEE PURPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 id also like to ad that i love Taylor swift :)


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