Air Quality


Submitted by Douglas Gosselin on Fri, 2015-12-11 12:12

As someone from Salt Lake City, Utah, I’ve grown up knowing air pollution all too well. The pollution in our air throughout the winter months has always been a pressing issue in our community, and continues to worsen. An article on Fox 13 news stated, “The air quality in Salt Lake is getting worse according to the ‘State of the Air 2015,’ a report just released by the American Lung Association.

Breathe Wheezy

Submitted by PedalPusherParent on Fri, 2014-11-21 02:08
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In just the past few weeks all of America had elections at both the state and national level. Living in Utah, the most conservative state in the union, little changes because there is little shift on the state level of which party is in power. Recently I also wrote a piece on how poor the air quality is in Utah and how that might be changed, however according to a recent article from Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance there is not much hope for change in our ease to breathe.

How much has pollution increased since 2000?

Submitted by Francisco J. on Tue, 2012-09-11 12:00

Question #1.
I choose question number one because I want to become an environmental lawyer in the future and I’m quite interested in the pollution of the world. Due to vehicles, large corporations dispensing toxic fumes into the air, and waste, pollution has increased dramatically. I’d like to know the number one air pollutant and forms of decreasing the pollution. Although certain solutions seem obvious, I’d like to learn which ones are the most effective.

Salt Lake's Poor Air

Submitted by andrewa on Mon, 2011-12-12 00:48

If you have ever been to Salt Lake City, Utah in the winter, you know to expect cold weather and snow, but poor air quality is also synonymous with a Salt Lake winter. As natives of Salt Lake know, we are stricken every year with a nasty inversion that traps all of the valley’s pollutants. In other words, all the fumes and gases from cars, factories, smoke stacks, etc. get trapped in the Salt Lake Valley, causing thick haze and dangerous air. When I say that the air is dangerous, I mean that it is so polluted that breathing it for a prolonged time is comparable to smoking cigarettes.

Breathing is Becoming Exhausting.

Submitted by mschwarz on Sun, 2009-02-08 23:41

 I pride my self on being environmentally conscious and am genuinely interested in the well being of our earth.

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