Subconscious Stereotypes and Human Interaction

Submitted by preston17 on Fri, 2014-05-09 14:14

This essay could start with a question, or an interesting fact, you know, something every other essay has as its introduction, but that would contradict the entire point of this essay. Using such a stereotypical start to this paper would defeat the point of preaching that stereotypes affect human interactions in a negative way. From assuming people are smarter than you, to avoiding others because of their race’s history, human interactions are enormously influenced by stereotypes. Labelling or naming people because of race or religion is one factor of communication between people changing.

Using wikipedia to research on my topic.

Submitted by 12shimonovav on Fri, 2009-05-22 09:05

From researching my topic on Wikipedia, it says that body language is a form of non verbal communication involving the use of the body.

Perception: Conscious vs Unconscious

Submitted by nsnodgrass on Wed, 2009-03-04 11:15

The Unconscious always appears to accomplish things far more strikingly, and therewith far more quickly and more conveniently for the individual, since the conscious performance must be striven for

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