Every Mother's Son

Sep 5, 2015
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Will you: 

Make thematic connections between the documentary "Every Mother's Son" and a novel you've been reading. Identify parallels and contrasts between the justice system presented in the film and the justice system in the novel. Convey reflections in a well-constructed discussion post on Youth Voices.

Step One of Three: Watch film "Every Mother's Son" and annotate the film's description


Step Two of Three: Discuss and freewrite about these questions

  • What thematic connections can you make to Native Son, Cry, the Beloved Country? or another book.
  • What are your thoughts on the treatment of each of the three sons by the authorities and the justice system?
  • What conclusions can you make about justice systems where societal values are often determined by race?

Step Three of Three

Write a reflective discussion post on Youth Voices about your reactions to the film and your responses to the above questions. Please make sure to grammar and spell check yourself.