Character Traits and Relationships

May 8, 2013

<Name of Main Character>, the protagonist in <Title of Book>, has a few traits that influence <her/his> relationships with others. 

One, <s/he> is <choose one trait from list>. Two, <s/he> is <choose one trait from list>.  Three, <s/he> is <choose one trait from list>.

These traits influence <her/his> relationships with others. “<Insert quotation marks and copy a sentence, paragraph, or chunk of text from your book that shows one of these three traits influencing the protagonist’s actions toward another character.>”  <Convert that trait from an adjective into a noun> comes into play here when <Explain.> 

Later, on page <#>, <Another Character’s Name> interacts with <Protagonist’s Name>, basically <verb-ing> <him/her>. “<Insert quotation marks, and copy a chunk of text from your book that includes something that someone says or does to the protagonist, and the protagonist's response.>” <Protagonist’s Name>’s response here deepens a reader’s sense of <her/his> <name the same trait or one of the other two that you identified above>, and sparks a feeling of <emotion>.