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I am Abhay. I am the best Abhay I can be. My favorite color is orange. I like to play basketball and ice-skate. I also like to write and type. Typing this bio about myself is really fun. My profile picture is cool. I have no pets, although I want one. Preferable a dog. I like apple juice but I am so-so towards my feelings about orange juice.

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Tech 7 Unit 4: Maze Level One | Investigate   We are going to create a platformer game in which there will be multiple questions asked at the end of each level. There will be 4 different levels. Abhay will do level one which... Added on Monday, June 8, 2015 - 18:35, with
Ayiti Game Success! | The game Ayiti: The Cost of Life, is an interesting yet difficult video game to play. I played the game twice, finally beating the game on the second try. During the first game, I was learning the... Added on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 17:32, with 11 comment(s)
Unit 2 Project: The Secret Power | The story is about an old retired hero whose name is Henry. He has the power to teleport but keeps it a secret, until one time he teleports in public. Now he has an annoying girl snooping on him and... Added on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 18:10, with
In what ways can I use the internet while avoiding its risks? | The internet is a fun place to be, but keep know that people of all ages are online too. My microsoft email is constantly spammed and it is hard to steer clear of malware and viruses. Every time I... Added on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 17:59, with
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Me Too | I also lost the game for the same reasons, but I... 3 years 5 weeks ago in response to My Experience Playing Ayiti: Cost of Life
Nice | I like your strategy, and it was similar to mine... 3 years 5 weeks ago in response to Haiti Ayiti Game
Smart! | You did pretty good in finding strategies for... 3 years 6 weeks ago in response to Ayiti: The Cost of Life Strategies
Nice Bio | Dear Cesar, I am interested by your post... 3 years 7 weeks ago in response to Basketball
Intresting | Dear Ipacheo, I am intrigued by your post... 3 years 7 weeks ago in response to Never Give Up in Basketball
Buen Trabajo! | Dear Willy, Estoy intrigado por su puesto, ya que... 3 years 7 weeks ago in response to La policĂ­a lo agarraron al monstruo
Creative | Dear fmendoza, I am intrigued by your post... 3 years 7 weeks ago in response to Bored
AMAZING | This project was amazing. I like how the... 3 years 16 weeks ago in response to Connor and the Golden Egg