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Hi world! My name is Christie Choi and I attend BSGE. I am Korean American that was born in California but now I live in New York. I love math, reading, writing stories, hanging out with my friends, sleeping, and eating food. I speak English and Korean and currently learning Chinese. I spend my free time watching Youtube and chatting with my friends. I love music and playing instruments.

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The Minion of the Christmas Choir | Here is the process: Initial Ideas: Music- Nigahiga & Josh Golden S.W.G Instrumental and Sia Elastic Heart instrumental.  The second level out of the three, which is medium. It is about... Added on Monday, June 8, 2015 - 20:08, with
Ayiti: The Cost of Life Strategies | Ayiti: The Cost of Life is an online game in which the player tries to make a family of 5 people survive in Haiti and not die. If all members die, or if Jean and Marie die, then the game is over.... Added on Tuesday, May 5, 2015 - 19:44, with 3 comment(s)
RH (Ryan & Hanate) | My project is about a guy named Ryan, who lives in NYC. He meets a lamp girl, named Hanate, who falls from the sky. The two become friends and they try to go to Ryan's house. However, there is a huge... Added on Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 19:26, with 2 comment(s)
How can I avoid dangers of the Internet? | We all use the Internet and we admire how advance it is. The Internet is full of so many important and wonderful things that we just love and rely on. However, like everything in the world, there are... Added on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 - 21:23, with
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Nice Strategy for Jobs | It was a great strategy to educate Jean and Marie... 3 years 6 weeks ago in response to Ayiti: The Cost of Life
Strategy Can Be Worked On | I see that you mainly focused on education. For... 3 years 6 weeks ago in response to Ayiti: The cost of life, My experience playing this challenging game
Thanks :D | Thanks :D 3 years 6 weeks ago in response to RH (Ryan & Hanate)
Happiness Matters | According to your strategy, the people didn't... 3 years 6 weeks ago in response to My Experience Playing Ayiti: Cost of Life
Relatable and Very Interesting | Vivien Lai, your article has made me learn more... 3 years 17 weeks ago in response to Why do banans make people happy?