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γεια σας, my name is Σηυννοσυκε Κανεματσυ. I used to live in a Galaxy Far Far Away also known as Ancient Greece. Though I've only lived there for a week, all I remember is that it's really cold up there. And there's a lot of killer whales which are whales that don't kill you, unless they want to, but they won't. Vancouver has this amazing creature that can fly and they're called "Butterflies". You might think that they're flies that are made of butter, but they're actually these insects that are called butterflies. I don't know why but I have this weird interest into them, but one of the types I know are the Lorain's Admiral. I also have this talent in a sport called "Baseball". Especially when it comes to batting and pitching. I'm a beast. Now I live in New York and I attend this amazing school called the Baccalaureate School for Global Education. I look forward to enjoying the next 5 years with the staff and my peers, and this year as well. I hope you enjoyed my bio!!!! (Cuz if you didn't it means = X-( )

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The Divergent Series | I am really anxious to read this book series as I... 3 years 16 weeks ago in response to A book for those who don't fit the mold