Growing up in Bridgetown Barbados I used to live with my dad and mom. It was fun I used to go to the beach with my family and we used to have a lot of fun together . I went to St Lucy secondary school for 5 years ,then I moved to the states. I had no choice but I won’t get into all of that . I then attended Arts & Media Prep high School. I was not doing so well there, I wasn't passing any regents or any classes so I asked my mom to transfer to East Brooklyn community high school and the first month I was here I passed 3 regents on my first try. I am a really cool person who likes to make people laugh and I am generous .

Attending East Brooklyn community high school has change my life because it gave me a better opportunity to graduate and make something better for me and my mom and my father. After I graduate I would like to go to a trade school and learn some type of trade so I could learn how to do plumbing or something like that.

While I'm here at East Brooklyn Community high school the teachers are really nice to me and they help me better than my former teachers at my old school. I ended up passing all of my classes and three regents I had trouble passing .

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