I'm a student at East Brooklyn Community High School in Brooklyn.

My name is Angela I’m 18 years old. I have three siblings on my father side two sisters and a brother. I also have an older sister on my mother side. My favorite color is blue; I hate cocky people and people that only think of themselves. I was born in Brooklyn New York. Something important happened to me is when I lost my grandmother in 2010 It kind of felt as if I lost a part of me because since five years old I haven’t seen her. It hurt me to know that I couldn’t be there to bury her. I lived in Brooklyn after a few years I moved to queens where I lived there for probably most of my live. After I turned 15 I’ve been living in Brooklyn until now.

Their not much things that I like to do in school to be honest. I probably would say that I like to do math sometimes I guess it depends on the teacher and what I mean by that is, if my teacher is a understanding person and helps me out with understanding the math then after a while math becomes a subject that I love doing. I also like writing creative essays to me I would say I like it because I think its cool to make up stories, you could make it funny, sad, mean. A creative essay could have different kinds of feelings and also different kind of characters. It’s like your own opinion of telling the story I guess. There are not a lot of things that I would say that I’m good at. I Probably would say I’m good at math and Living Environment. I would say those are the only two subjects I’m good at because I feel that I catch on faster in those subjects. I don’t really like English, us history and global because it’s too much essays that has to be written and I don’t like writing essays that much.

I enjoy going home after school and going to sleep sometimes. I also enjoy going to hanging out with friends. Going to parties and basically just relaxing myself when I don’t feel like being bothered with people. It’s nothing really that I’m good at besides dancing. That’s something that I do like to and I’m kind of good at. I got that way since I was a little kid; I always like dancing since I was a little girl I actually taught myself how to dance. Overall dancing has been my hobby for a while now.

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