I'm a student at East Brooklyn Community High School in Brooklyn.

My name is Ashley. I turn 18 January 25. My friends often call me Ash, Ashie or Ash Kash. I like the colors red and green. I am the youngest child out of 4 kids. My sister and I like to go to the nail salon to get our nails and feet done every 2 weeks. My family comes from the Caribbean Island Barbados. I look more like my father than any other family members. I have his soft hair & thick skin. I have my mother’s height and thickness. In my spare time, like to party occasionally.

In school, I like my last period graffiti class. In that class, what we learn about the actually meaning of graffiti and do different graffiti projects. I like that class because I’m able to show my creative side. I also enjoy forensics. In that class we try to solve staged crime scenes. We have to identify the suspect & motives and eliminate them based on evidence.

When I graduate from EBC, I have a few goals for myself. First I want to move out on my own. Doing this would make me feel more independent. Then I want to attend community college until I decide what I officially want to pursue in life.

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