Born in Jamaica, Queens I grew up in all of New York City boroughs except for Staten Island. Growing up, I wanted to be a journalist or anything that involves being on television. Funny thing about me is he jumps the train turn style for fun. Another thing interesting is that I was in Lil Kim-Lighters up video made in 2005; this was interesting to me because I was actually in a video for my favorite rapper. I am outspoken, loyal, and honest which in my opinion makes me unique; different from others. I hate liars, unworthy people and fake people. Well, ima close it up LOL; Thanks for reading my biography about me I’m sure you’ll read more about me soon. :)

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Plastic Surgery Nightmares | Plastic surgery...what comes to mind when we hear about people not just celebrities, getting plastic surgery? I believe if you want to fix something then by all means go for it but ask... Added on Thursday, May 22, 2014 - 13:36, with
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