I'm a student at East Brooklyn Community High School in Brooklyn.

My name is Fabian Santana. I’m nineteen years old and was born on May 31,1993 at Brookdale hospital. I was born at 1:30 am. My mother’s name is Yvette Santana, and my dad’s name is Fernando Farrell.I have 4 siblings, My oldest sister Justina, my youngest sister Makaila, and my two little brothers Eric, and Kareem.As a kid I attended ps.183 which was in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

When I was in public school I kept myself engrossed with activities like Basketball, and Football. My favorite out of the two was Football. The reason why I Transitioned into Football was because I was fascinated with running around, I had amazing stamina, and I liked the way the ball looked when you threw it in a spiral. ultimately my Football career ended because, I sprain my ankle in a street game. The pain was so bad that I told myself I wasn’t going to risk my ankle being sprain ever again.

As a kid I loved eating food. Besides playing football and basketball eating was ecstatic.
I liked many different foods, like Pizza, Oxtails rice and peas, and Chinese food. I was a chunky kid so eating was a main priority for me. If I didn’t eat anything for the day I would sit aside of my mom with my lips poked out and she would know I was hungry because, that was my “I didn’t eat anything for the day” face. I was so greedy that I would even eat my younger sister’s scraps. Everyone in my house would say “dang fabe you greedy” and I would say “and you know this man”(Smokey from Friday’s voice).I enjoyed my food rampages.

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