I'm a student at East Brooklyn Community High School in Brooklyn.

My name is Isha I'm 18 yrs old I’ll be nineteen in December, I’m a Sagittarius and we are the best zodiac sign! I like to play volley, I have played volley ball since I was 9 I also did boxing and karate for 4 years . My favorite color are purple and black. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters but only one live with me, which is my younger brother. Born in puerto rico,I lived in Brooklyn (East New york) but then moved to Las Vegas when I was 12 yrs old and stood out there for a year in a half. I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican. Things that I can’t live without is my cell phone and my mother those are the important things I would hate to live without. I like to party, go to movies and shop with friends but if I'm not doing that I'm in the house watching TV.

Throughout my life things have been hard I always had loved ones come in and out of my life, which is very sad, but true. I grew up without having a dad, my dad passed away in 1995 which made me 2 years old at that time. My mom played the mom and dad role, I don’t know what I would do without my mother she’s like a best friend, which most daughters never had. My little brother and I always fight but we always make up, like if he needs me I would always be there because at the end of the day there’s no one else that we could depend on besides my mother.

Even though I'm young I have a good head on my shoulders, you won’t find many 18 yrs olds that will work and go to school, that’s a lot of responsibilities for a young person like myself. When I finish high school I want to go straight to college and study to become a doctor or the law enforcement. I don’t really care what people have to say about working for the law enforcement for the simple fact is I LOVE money and no one’s going to stop me from getting money. I also would always like to make sure my family is good and knows that they can always depend on me for anything. I’m just a cool laid-back person that has a lot of things planned for the future.

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