Hello my name is Samantha, I’m kind of easy to be friends with. I don’t mean to come off weird but when I say “ kind of “ is because I kinda judge people off the back before getting to know them. Once they do something I do not like or I feel away about I automatically don’t like them. Sometimes I take back and think I should’ve never did that because once I get to actually know them I sometimes find out they're actually nice and caring. And sometimes I’m just right off the back. Well back to me my favorite color is gold, I’m 5’7, Puerto Rican, live in Brooklyn, I have 6 sisters 4 brothers. I live with my mother and stepfather I’m my mother’s youngest child and my fathers middle child.

I attend East Brooklyn Community high school and graduating in March to see my parents happy and proud. To keep myself busy and out of any trouble I keep music by my side. It helps me focus on certain things and when I’m angry I just play music and calm down. My favorite food is shrimp pasta. I love every type of seafood.

My goals in life is to become a nurse. Nursing is important to me because I am helping people who actually need my help. I will never be bored or useless because everyone needs a help regardless of what its for. The medical field is a big field. On my free time I stay at home and spend time with my niece and nephews, I take them to the park and just like to see them smile. I always look at it is one day in the future I may need them and want them to be there for me that's why I’m there for them now.

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