I am Sarrah very nice, I look very simple, and pretty to most but overall there’s more to me I love to cook, shop, and laugh a lot, I make a lot of corny jokes, and I draw in my spare time. There aren’t many words to describe a person like me cause there’s a whole lot more to me than just my character. I have a bad attitude most times when I’m not in my comfort zone, because my real personality is balled up in a nutshell, especially if I don’t know you I’m polite and sincere but apart of me is like don’t get too close to me, I still don’t know you.

I was raised in a Jamaican-Trinidadian-Chinese background where we show respect to elders, and one another no matter the age or age difference. Where the love, patience, and love for food, and children are something we don’t take for granted, and we multi-task and get our education. My culture is something I will never forget, or let go of and that’s what makes me different from most.

I am Sarrah, There’s no one like me and not one word to describe me.
In some ways I’m similar to most people but differently meaning I have similar characteristics but the way I go about them are not in the same order or way as other people I would like to say just as I can smile and am very quiet , and cool I can be very vicious and mean, to people especially if I don’t like you. Huh. Lets just say I’m Sarrah there’s no way to describe me, or one word to describe me. I’m not all bad, but I’m not all good either, and I don’t take crap. But when I’m loyal and caring there’s no taking that back cause that’s just my personality I have a heart of gold once you get through the burning flames, iron gate, maze, and brick wall I have in store for you. My respect is not just given, ITS EARNED!!

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