Hello my name is Ana. I'm a 10th grade in skyline high school.I'm a shy girl at school with people that i know but with my friends and family i'm a fun energetic person.I don't trust most people with my problem because most of my life i have learned to keep my problems to myself and act like life is alright.Anyways i like to have fun and just enjoy life day by day. My two favorite subjects are chemistry and history.I love to learn about the past and everything that has been created.I have always hated math,but i got better this year then when i was in 8th grade.My dreams and goals for myself are to be a physical therapist and to be able to support my family

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little people | Before JA Day I didn't want to go to an Elementary School and teach little kids. I wasn't excited to see little kids run around the classroom. Added on Friday, December 4, 2015 - 17:59, with
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