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My name is Andrea.I go to East-West School of International Studies.

Senior Year

    I’m a very laid back person who knows how to enjoy life. I don’t take things too seriously but it depends on the situation. I am resourceful. I like to relax and take in the feeling of nature. I am a bit spoiled and I depend on my family and friends a lot. I do not like the feeling of loneliness. I grew up with a strict family so I know my manners and I respect others. I don't like drama. If I sense any kind of drama, I will try not to involve myself because it is too troublesome. I don't like to be leader but I take part in the role. I like to organize events and plan them, but not by myself. I find that I want a friend to be with me all times. Like it said, I don't like being alone.
    In school, I am proper and I respect others. I show my manners and I am serious in class, except for the lazy days. I speak formally to the teachers and I follow orders. I don't like to stand out; I like to be within the crowd. Most of the time I am prepared for class and sometimes ready to learn. I don't like to learn things I'm not interested in (school subjects), but since I'm already there, why not make the best of it?
    When I'm out of school, I am a fun person to be with. I've noticed I always make my friends laugh. The way I act and express myself, people would say I'm a silly person. I love my friends and they're the other half who make up my world. When I'm not with my family, I'm with my friends. They know me well and I can be myself when I am around them.


Junior year

 We had to make a Swampy Indian Creek Name and these are mine. A name for my past and a name for the present me. I had a hard time making them because I wanted it to have meaning between the lines. I pretty much made it complicated for myself but I was happy with the results. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

Playing with Monkeys

Fun filled the air
when she was around.
Aunts and uncles adored her because she was the youngest,
the silly one.
she was an ordinary girl who
had the appetite for fun as much as
she played till she was scolded to calm down.
no kid, and most certainly no adult
could match up with her energy.
anything that could handle her fun was a monkey.
Her arms could swings far,
her hands would clutch onto anything if she fell
her balance was very still
and her voice would echo.

Love Like Water

She loves like no other
her unconditional love is never ending
she dislikes but never hates
she forgives like no other
she forgets like the mothers.
her love for others are so wide it has no bound.
she shares, and cares. she repairs
broken hearts, broken pieces, broken people.
the love hardly decreases. it always increases,
you might not believe it, it never ceases!
she can not dislike one for long, it never lasts
she accepts all
does she choose to?
or does it just flow out
and spread
like a stream
like a river
like water.

From writing these two poems, I can see that my views on life has matured. I was too playful when I was young. I didn't care about responsiblity. In fact I think I almost failed elementry school classes. I guess I was tired of being the class clown and getting looked down upon so I picked up my will to learn and started catching up in highschool. It really made the best out of me so far because I can see my potential and how much potential I had hidden from everyone. I now feel like I have matured somewhat and I just love the feeling of it. And it's all thanks to people who cared and showed they cared. It was my fuel to keep my motivation going.


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