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WOW. Well I had many experiences from the past. I had many incidents happen to me. I also had good and bad things happen to me. One good thing that happened to me in the past I traveled a lot. I went to France, Bangladesh, Canada and all over the United States. Another one is that I got into this “awesome” school. I mean this school is not bad, no not at all but it’s just not the school I wanted to be in. But I still like this school. I like it better than before, because now I adjusted in correctly with all my friends and stuff. One more is that happened to me was that I had gotten way taller than I was in 5th grade. In fifth grade I was so short, well compared to now. But I wasn’t the shortest in my class. I was in between the middle and tall. A lot of bad things also happened to me in the past. Such as I always got hurt (but I never broke an arm or leg). I once got like a two foot piece of glass in my back. I fell down the stairs so many times. Whenever I fall down the stairs I sprain an ankle and get like hundred’s of really dark black and blues. Other than these is that I either didn’t achieve a really strong goal of mine or it’s that I lost someone really closes in my family. That is most of the good and bad things of my past.

AHHHHHHHH, now we talk about the present. Well I currently go to a girl’s school. I am in the seventh grade. I have a lot of friends. I love to play around sometimes, but I can be serious about my studies. I have never been in a physical fight with anyone and I do not plan to. I have a cell phone and because of that I have an addiction to texting. I get good grades in school and I am proud of myself. I am an only child so I am lucky because I AM SPOILED. That’s about it, not much happening currently.

Ok, now about the future. Well I have many goals in life that I want to accomplish. An example would be that I want to get into 4 main collages: Colombia, Cornell, Harvard and Yale. Another thing would be that I want to become a cardiologist when I grow up. One last thing is that when I grow up I want to go to a third world country and help the poor people who do not have any doctor see to do treatment.

    In conclusion, that is my life.

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