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I'm a student at New Directions Secondary School in the Bronx.

Hello my name is ashley my dad works as a construction worker thats why i like to help my dad fix

What i like about school is how its new,and its filled with drawings.Also,i like when we make fun things and how we learn interesting stuff in class.

What i like to do outside of school is to play tag or playing race.I got good at it by playing all the time with my brothers out side.Thats how i got good at it.

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10 self question
What will I turn into in the future?(future,how,evolution,
Will my voice change in the future?(Future,evolution,changes,
Am I capable of reaching my goals in the future?(goals,accomplishment,
Will I ever become famous?
Will I make money?job, responsibility, money, economic, prediction)
Will I become a good mother?(future,responsibility,husband,
Will I be good at math?(practice,math,school,books,knowledge)
Will I have more friends?(future,likability,kindness,
Will I own a bakery shop?(job,money,place,
Will I have a big house?(place,help,responsibility,job,money)

10 world question

Will fish walk on land?(imagination,fish,future,evolution,weird)
Will their be flying cars?(future,imagination,cars,flying,evolution)
Will their be a female president?(votes,future,rights,law,
Will kids one day have super power(imagination,power,evolution,future,kids)
Will kids on christmas have money as a present?(present,miracle,christmas,
Will cats and dogs talk?(imagination,evolution,dogs,cat,
Will their be better schools?(future,possibility,
Will kids be able to eat ice cream in the morning ?(future ,permission,evolution,
Will everything be free?(power,rights,law,evolution,
Will their be better toys for kids?(money,evolution,toys,ideas,

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