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I am an ESL student at Cobble Hill School of American Studies in Brooklyn, New York.

My name is Andreina Santos and I am a Dominican student, I was born In january 10,1998 , the more important thing happen to me was my child. It is important to know that I am very committed to being a good student. As a good student, I would like to be accountable because I think I have to be successful . I always liked this career of bank teller and now that I am in a country with more opportunities that can help me to be more successful and to do what I want I think I should . I will take advantage of that and I will never lose my faith to be who I want to be even though some people might think that I would never be successful in life.

I like to write in english because I practice more so the english and so is that I go learn more and more , I Like the activities that give me lessons in english , I will do my best . I look forward to and I imagine my life full of motivation and options to choose the person I want to become. I know what I have to do to work as a bank teller and the first step is here in high school to pay attention and to pass my classes to pass the semester.

After school I do my homework , and watch movie and be with my family. I want to graduate on time to go to college and reach my career . I want to graduate from college to get a good job for my future that’s my dream and I would like to reach it for me . the career that I want is very good I have love it since I was little . I always pay attention to money. I want to get where I need to through much effort to be what I want and achieve my goal.
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