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I’m Anthony and I live in the Bronx’s in New York city and I go to new directions secondary school. It’s really tiring because, I always wake up at 6:30 in the morning and I have to wait for the bx18 every day. I was also born in February 27 in the year of 2002 and I live on Sedgwick ave where I live with my mother.The cool thing that happened to me and my mom is that we just moved into a new apartment down in the second floor.

The things I like to do in school is art because, It's fun to and it tell’s me how to draw better stuff like cartoons, people, and also characters and it look’s better than the last time I did it at home and my other school.

The things that I enjoy out of school is hanging out with my friends and play video games with them also pranking people and also do YouTube video's .

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