What makes a good person? Innocent

    I don’t believe that there is just one simple answer to this question, for if there was we would have a society of vastly more “good people”. But, contrary to that belief, i do have a theory consisting of certain qualities I think make a particularly good person: Compassion, honesty, devotion, charisma, and modesty.
    One thing i know about this topic is the perspectives you can look at it from. Some people from a religious viewpoint would say that following the bible will guarantee you a spot in Heaven, but others from a Psychological point of view would argue that your personality is developed in your brain chemistry--something you can’t control. One thing that is in common between these two very opposite approaches is they are both only unproven theories. But that still doesn’t answer my question: what is it about a person that makes us look at them as “superior”? Well, you can look at the 10 commandments for an example of one person’s beliefs, but I think there is more to it than that.
    Is there something inside of us telling us who we should be? Do we all really contain a conscience telling us right from wrong? Or is it our world around us that pushes us as a society to conform to an “ideal”? Maybe.

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