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I'm in love with technology,i am am really good at it because anytime something happens to a family member phone or have a problem with there phone they come to me so i can fix or check what's wrong with there phone.

I am a really good student but when someone get me mad it's a whole norther story because i just don't like when people get me mad.My favorite subject in school is science.I said science because i get to do experiments and learn about the earth.

I love playing football so when i'm outside of school that's what i do play football with my friends or with people from my block.Or i either go bike riding with my friends from the block.

1.What am I going to be in the future?
2.Am I going to be a informational technologist
3.What type of car i'm going to have?
4.Where am I going to live?
5.Will I be rich?
6.Will I have children , how many?
7.Will I move my parents out the hood?
8.What will my net worth be?
9.Where will I work at?
10.How do others see me?

1.Who's going to be the president in the future?
2.How would the world be in 20 years?
3.Are people going to stop killing each other?
4.Are people going to have a technology heart?
5.When is the world going to end?
6.Are we all being tested?
7.Will mermaids exist in the future?
8.Will it ever be disease free?
9.How long has humans been living for?
10.Will they ever build a bridge to go to a another continent?

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