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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx, and the most important thing about me is that I love school. It is my passion, because I like to learn more and learn new things. I was born in Honduras. The things that are most important to me are when I graduated from middle school, my beautiful family, to go to college, find a job, and to be a professional doctor. I live in New York, and my father doesn’t live with me.

Most of the things that I like to do are to play soccer, being happy, and being with my family. I like to play golf when I can. I'm good in science, Spanish, gym, and global. I’m a little good in writing, and I like to learn new things.

I enjoy music. I think that is where I found my happiness, because different types of music give you a message, and I like to find those messages in a song. I’m particularly good at making people laugh and playing with my friends. I don’t know how I came to be like this, because before I didn’t like to laugh, and when I came to Green Dot I changed. I think I have changed, because I love the high school which I attend.

10 Questions about myself.
1) Who am I?
(Identity, DNA, roles, student, son, )
2) How can I be friendly?
(amicable, sympathetic ,sociable, attentive, benevolent)
3) Do they love me?
(heart, laugh,accept ,emotion, Like, weakness, respect)
4) What do I need to change about my life?
(animation, spirit, growth, heart, human, flesh, person)
5) When will I start relaxing myself?
(Calm, soften, repose, repose ,rest)
6) When will I be find the real love?
(passion, respect, piety, involvement, like, lust)
7) Do I want to be a doctor ?
(specialist, healer, intern, expert)
8) Do I an to be actor of novel or movie?
(amateur, artist, character, clown, extra, lead, mimic, performer)
9) Do I like to be a student?
(apprentice, disciple, graduate, learner ,novice ,observer)
10) Do I like to do something that I am not supposed to do?
(spaced -out, to need, friend there for you, post, stake,medium )

10 Question about the world
1) When people could stop being racist?
(biased, intolerant, opinionated, partial, prejudiced)
2) Why do people say that god exists?
(deity, demon, divinity, idol, master, omnipotent, power, spirit)
3) Why the pope have child?
(head of catholic church,Vatican, see, pope, Identity)
4) From where the first person in the world come from?
(creation, cosmos, earth, nature, sphere ,star)
5) Ho w they create phone?
(buzz, call, contact, pickup, color)
6) Why the people don’t love other people?
(denotative, dandle, tantalize ,red)
7) Who invent the world?
(universe, planet, globe,star, earth)
8) Were we going when we die?
(demise, depart, drop, drown ,finish)
9) If the plant don’t exist what will happen?
(cutting, flower, grass, perennial, shoot, slip,)
10) Were the animals come from?
(brute, corporeal, feral, carnivore, color)
11) Why do we eat meat?
(fare, food, muscle, provision, subsistence)
12) Why the people believe in different goodness?
(accept, accredit, admit, affirm,deem)
13) Who invent the music for first time?
(chamber, fusion, singing, harmony, popular, song)
14) Why some people are fat and other one skinny?
(big,heavy, hefty, large, obese, solid, stout, swollen)
15) Who invent the school for first time?
(academy, college, department, discipline, institution)
16) Who invent the ocean?
(drink, main, sea, sink, tide, deep, blue,)
17) Who invent us as a people?
(discover, envision, execute, fake, produce, project,)

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