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I am a student at Bronx academy senior high in Bronx N.Y
My name is Aziza , I'm 19 years old I live in Bronx N.Y. This is my last year of high school, even though I was supposed to graduate in June but I should be finish with high school in December . I'm a very out going person,every where I go I meet a new friend . I attend Bronx academy Senior high school its an alternative school , I honestly wish all schools were like this one . The teachers care about the students and try to help them every way they can .

During my free time just like any other teenager I like to chill with my friends . On the weekend I go to lounges with my friends ,I love to party, I mean after all girls just wanna have fun . when I'm in my house I catch up on my favorite TV shows . If I'm not at school or at home ,I'm at work so when I am free I try to have as much fun as possible . Friends and family are important to me because they make life fun .

I'm a very talented person and being around me it shows . I write songs when I'm alone I feel like I'm good at it and can't wait for people to hear my music but I'm also scared of criticism . when something interest me I really get into it . I'm good at a lot of things but as far as school I would say my best subject science . I just wanna live out my dreams and makes lots of money .

Detox: Notice. Dream. Connect. Do.

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