Hello there! I am currently a sophomore at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. I’m an interesting, unique person. In the world I live, I’m a student, son, great friend and somewhat an explorer. My name is Tirson, I live in the Bronx, and football is my thing. I can be someone you’re cool with, if I am not bothered, and loyal if needed. I was born on September 24 in the Bronx Lebanon at midnight. I live an average life, but I lost someone dearly, and almost lost my own life.

I enjoy simple things like free writing and reading a lot of books. I also enjoy my science class because it’s one of my strengths. I may sound like an “A” student, but my image was tarnished. In school the things I like doing most besides reading and writing are participating in every activity during my physical education class; that is pretty much about it.

Outside of school, I’m more fun and open to the people I’m close to. I play football on Sundays, and hang out with my friends when I have the chance, which is hard since I spend most of my time in school. When I’m not doing any of these things, I’m with my family and enjoying every small moment that I can have with every one of them.



1.What’s my purpose in life?(Fate, Future, Meaning, Attainment, Goal)
2.What type of person am I? (Personality, Character, Intentions, Beneficial, Habits)
3.Do I tend to not show my emotions to others?(Isolated, Exposed, Conservative, Outgoing, Sociable)
4.How do i interact with society?(Government, Strangers, Laws, General, Environment)
5.What are my major discomforts?(Dislikes, Fears, Turnoffs, Disappointments, Frustration)
6.What irritates me about people?(Character, Attitude, Feign, Duplicity, Purpose)
7.Am I such a good student?(Academics, Sociably, Role model, Honor role, Good deeds)
8.How do I balance my school and social life?(Office hours, Schedule, Tepid, Organization, Unkempt)
9.What are my strengths?(Adroit, Skill, Aptitude, Gift, Talent)
10.What are my struggles?(Unkempt, Distractions, Retrogression, Stress, Mood)


1.Are chickens the last dinosaurs on earth?(Chickens, Dinosaurs, Reptiles, Jurassic era, Amphibians)
2.Are people born with natural good intentions?(Environment, Genes, Human instincts, Nature, Relations)
3.Must there be constant war to obtain peace for a certain amount of time?(Depressions, Hunger, Imperialism, Militarism, Alliances)
4.How was our world made including the universe?(Universe, Life, God, Big bang theory, History)
5.How do we know the records of our so called “history” are accurate?](Writings, Recordings, Evidence, History, Story tellers)
6.What happened to the Mayans?(Tribes, Heritage, Time line, Technology, Struggles)
7.When does one’s life truly begins?(Youth, Adulthood, Goals, Happiness, Journey)
8.Is everyone afraid of death?(Survey, Reviews, Death, Adults, Seniors)
9.Who killed Tupac?(Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, Puff Daddy, Crime, Murder)
10.Is it in our genes for humans to kill?(DNA, Nature, Instinct, Habitat, Violence)

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