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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. I am a teen, student and a little sister. I’m very outgoing and creative. I love to have a good laugh with every moment. I discovered the world in a happy place; I had gotten accept into John Robert Power. John Robert Power is a modeling and acting school. This school helps achieve your dreams. You may also audition for agents. They teach you the important elements toward being a model and an actor. You will need to have the following; confidence, creativity and personality. I have been living in the Bronx. I also enjoy traveling and going downtown.

In school I like to attend my dance class and cooking classes. I don't enjoy doing homework. I like science but not so much math. Math is just boring and hard. I find global to be pointless. Global is the past. We are in the present , so why teach the past . It should be left as it is. We can create new history, so it can be taught better than learning boring information.

As I practice my routine for dance, I started getting better. I enjoy this class because is active and fun. Out of school I like to go ice skating and eat fast-food. I also like going to the movies with my friends. I can just say, I love to have a good time with friends and family.

Question of my self
1. Why do I bite my nails?
( Nervous, Scared, Worry, Confuse, Wondering)
2. Why do I care about what people say?
( caring, worry, scared, confuse, wonder why, love ones)
3. Why can’t I pick out good friends?
( fake, confused, weird, background, culture)
4. Why was I born a girl?
( DNA, genes, god, mom ,luck )
5. How would life be if I was a boy?
(different, better, less stress, more freedom, genes)
6. How will my future look?
(perfect, accomplish, dreamy, fantasy, stylish)
7.Will I accomplish my dreams?
(bright, successful, happy, no conflict, dreamy)
8. Will my life get better?
(own house, lots of money, good education, good career, no stress)
9. Why am I'm lazy at times?
(tired, stress, bored, confused, body hurts)
10. Why do i enjoy playing basketball?
( fun, enjoyable, entertaining,excited, active)

Question for the world
1. Does God exist?
(religion , faith, heaven ,god , luck)
2. Why do teenagers tend to get pregnant ahead of time?
( fun, confused, not educated, stress, crazy)
3. Why is High School stressful?
( a lot of work, homework , test, classwork, regents)
4.Why do kids get bully?
( body type, looks, personality, background, culture)
5. Why doesn't cancer have a cure?
(rare, disease, painful, death, no cure)
6. Why are mothers abusing there kids?
( background, don't care, stress, drink, smoke)
7.Why isn't life be perfect?
( conflict, people , government, money, deaths)
8.Why do violence occur so much?
(people, culture, background, not raise well, confused)
9.Why is there always a family member that alienate themselves?
( stress, worry, problems, disagreement, death)
10.Why can’t everyone live in a happy world?
( economic problems, no job, no eduction, government problems, crimes)

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